Personal Fitness Training

One-on-One & Small Group Training

Our personal trainers have extensive experience designing and leading private and semi-private groups sessions. We also provide private training. You can be confident that your one-on-one session at Body Coach will be all about you and your personal goals.


Specialized Training Program

With personal training, we can specialize a program specific to your goals and work with you using various training techniques that will challenge your body without causing discomfort.


Sports Specific Training

Are you training for a marathon, an adventure race, the skiing/snowboarding or surfing season, or do you need all around sports conditioning? We can help you be a more effective athlete. Learn movement preparation, pre-season and in-season training and the keys to optimal performance. Our clients enjoy golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, running, crossfit, adventure races, cycling, surfing, volleyball, basketball and other sports.


Stretching for Performance

Stretching for performance teaches the mindfulness of the body with emphasis on flexibility as it relates to proper body mechanics.



Fit Over Fifty

We specialize in guiding clients over 50 on the path to lifelong, vibrant health. Whether you’re new to exercising, or simply interested in improving your current training program, our experts will inspire you and help you to master the basics of balanced strength and conditioning, stress reduction, and overall healthy lifestyle habits. 


Free Assessment

Your complimentary comprehensive assessment is a test that gives us the ability to design a training program specifically for you. Whether you have never worked out before or looking to fine-tune your training program, our assessment is the perfect place to start. We assess everything, from your postural alignment, to your strength, range of motion, gait, and lifestyle habits. Compiling your health history and understanding your key lifestyle habits will help us in assisting you with reaching your goals to feel better, look better, and live a healthy vibrant life!


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