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Results really do start here. We're so happy to share some of our client stories.


Christian Knightly

Blake Lavender is an amazing trainer! I've worked out with him for over two years now and seen a vast improvement in my body's strength and overall fitness. I feel so much better about my body and am excited to get stronger and continue on the path to better health.


Susan and Nick Perfido

My wife Susan and I have been training with Lee since the beginning of this year, three days per week. This is the BEST investment that I can think of. We have both seen results in strength, how we feel overall, and just our overall fitness. We have both had various gym memberships over the years but what a huge difference training with someone who has you doing the RIGHT exercises for the RIGHT reasons at the RIGHT level of intensity. We would HIGHLY recommend Lee to anyone looking to get stronger, feel better, and understand how the body and mind connection works!

Vincent Murphy

Blake has a great Training facility, that has changed my body forever. I am healthier, fitter and have better endurance. I have had a lot of injuries in my life and he helps build muscle better than any trainer or physical therapist I ever had. Thank you Blake!

This is the BEST investment that I can think of. We have both seen results in strength, how we feel overall, and just our overall fitness.

In November 2016, I decided to change my sedentary lifestyle and begin to exercise on a regular basis. The idea of joining a gym on my own was intimidating. If I truly wanted to get healthy, I knew the best approach would be with a personal trainer.

I randomly walked in to Body Coach Personal Training to talk to a personal trainer. I met Blake and we discussed my goals (get rid of my flabby arms), current exercise routine (none) and nutrition (not the healthiest). I walked out a new client.

The first session included my measurements and BMI. I knew I was out of shape, but to see the numbers was disheartening and a bit embarrassing. However, this was my starting point and would only get better as I committed to exercise and better nutrition. At each session, Blake shows me the proper technique for each exercise and always checks my form. He is right next to me to ensure my safety. This was clear when I attempted my first step-up exercise. I could not do one step-up without holding onto Blake’s arm. 

If the old me could only see the new me now! I do step-ups with no assistance, I’m able to deadlift 95 lbs and I have muscle definition in my arms!! I’ve lost 10 lbs and 7% body fat. This would never have happened without Blake. 

Blake has the ability to connect to and encourage each client on an individual basis. His personality puts his clients at ease.  His knowledge and experience is evident as he helps his clients successfully achieve their goals. 

This past year, in a subtle way, my negative attitude toward my limitations has disappeared. I have gained newfound strength and confidence. This is a direct result of working with Blake.

I highly recommend Blake and Body Coach Personal Training.


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