At Body Coach you will find the most experienced well equipped trainers in the area. Our fitness professionals are all certified personal trainers educated in a wide variety of skills and knowledge. Between professionalism and extensive experience, our team will provide all the tools necessary in achieving your optimal success!

blake lavender

Blake Lavender

Owner/Fitness Coach

Blake Lavender is the owner of Body Coach and has been a trainer for over 15 years. He holds several certifications which include I.F.P.A, Premier PTS and Crossfit Level 1. Whether it’s weight loss, sports specific, post rehab, or just overall health and fitness, Blake is prepared to customize a workout program that fits your needs. Because of his attention to detail and positive motivational attitude he can help you overcome the common pitfalls most people face when starting their fitness journey.

becky lavender

Becky Lavender

Owner/Fitness Coach

Becky Lavender's passion for health began over 18 years ago when she graduated from Seminole State College and began her career in Emergency Medical Services. After many years of helping people in critical health crisis, she was excited to transition her passion for health and turn her focus to fitness and healthy living. As a Certified Fitness Trainer, she now helps clients gain the tools and resources to be completely empowered in the area of health. You will find Becky mostly behind the scenes at Body Coach managing marketing, promotion, virtual fitness training, and merchandising of Body Coach apparel.

gabriel bachove

Gabriel Bachove

Fitness Coach

Gabriel Bachove is a premier PTS certified trainer with 19 years of personal training experience. Throughout his career, Gabriel has dedicated himself to leading others truthfully, realistically, and efficiently toward their goals. Gabriel places focus on improving nutritional habits through knowledge, positive lifestyle changes, flexibility, resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, all within a fun and motivational experience. There is no greater wealth in life than perfect health!

lee clise

Lee Clise

Fitness Coach

Lee Clise is a Certified Personal Fitness and Yoga Instructor. With her broad range of knowledge of the human body; Lee has experience in teaching a unique form of training which uses yoga, strength training and mobility exercises to help her clients reach their maximum fitness potential. Her passion and care for each individual she works with helps build their belief, which allows them to do things physically and mentally they didn’t think they could do.

jesse bernard

Jesse Bernard

Fitness Coach

Jesse Bernard is a Crossfit endurance certified coach and is working on mastering many different modalities of functional fitness. Jesse began coaching because he believes in people making those life-changing goals of functional fitness. His goal as a fitness coach is to inspire individuals to make those long-term lifestyle changes and he has found that his style of coaching and commitment to functional movements makes the perfect program for individuals or all ages and abilities.


John DeTouche

Fitness Coach

Johnathan DeTouche is a former professional athlete and recently graduated from NPTI of Orlando. He specializes in SpeedBlast training which helps with reactions and neuromuscular training. His style of training allows him to identify and hone in on the specific needs of each individual client he works with. His mission is to create an environment of encouragement, confidence, and provide clients every resource, so they can not only achieve their goals quickly, but acquire the tools and knowledge to see lifelong results!


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